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Jeg går en Tur - A self portrait by Lasse Gjertsen

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Description: OK, this video is very ego, sorry about that! My dad suggested to upload it, and I though, what the hell.. The language is norwegian, but I did my best to subtitle it in english. If you hear the word \"tits-machine\", don\'t worry, it means \"time machine\" in norwegian, lol!This video was my interpretation of the admission assignment for an animation school in Norway, which was to make a \"self portrait in any technique\". I was studying in England at the time (Spring 2005), but wasn\'t satisfied with that school, and wanted to try another place. I got in! How it\'s made:Filmed myself infront of a green screen, made it to a walking cycle which could be looped forever. The rest are pictures from England and Norway and books, and are just mashed together in Premiere. The music is me, played guitar and harmonica myself (two instruments I actually can\'t master) but it sounds ok enough. Music edited together in FL Studio. - Watch this video on CoolStreaming Video and Enjoy!