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Amateur - Lasse Gjertsen

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Description: I\'ve taken my hyperactive editing style a step further! Hope you\'ll enjoy it!If you want to download the audio from this video, go to\'s a norwegian page where I uploaded some of my music. (Lytt = Listen to, Last ned = Download)Oh shit, I forgot to put this in the video, and now it\'s too late to change it:Thanks to my friend Mattis for letting me borrow the drum kit. Also thanks to the person letting me use her piano, but she didn\'t want her name here :PAnd now; to you people saying I\'m ripping off Michel Gondry: I\'ve seen his video with the drumkit called \"Drumb and Drumber\". It\'s here on youtube somewhere. His video and my video are different because of one very important detail: Gondy filmed himself doing drumming sequences and LOOPED them, while I hit each drum and piano chord seperately and edited them together. This is a very big difference if you have any idea about video editing. Actually, there is a short sequence of 5 sec where he does cut the beat, but I didn\'t notice this until recently, which makes me an idiot. But I still don\'t think it\'s a rip off, only similar. SO one question to you guys: If I write a song which includes the words \"love\" and \"tight\", am I ripping off The Beatles?? :P I met Michel Gondry in Milan, Italy and asked him. He didn\'t really give me a clear answer, but it seemed like he thought so. Either that or he didn\'t like my clothes. Lol. - Watch this video on CoolStreaming Video and Enjoy!